Monday, July 03, 2006

Sailor Pens

I'm looking forward to getting my first Sailor fountain pen this week - a Red 1911M with an Extra-Fine nib. As my Pelikan EF nibs turned out to be rather wet writers, I started craving something truly fine to write with, and the 1911M seems as if it will do the job admirably.

At the time I bought my 1911M, I couldn't see any other Sailor pens which I wanted to own. That has now changed, after I did some looking around and discovered the Sailor Sapporo Mini. The Sapporo mini is an extra short version of the Sailor Sapporo, which is a slightly smaller pen than the 1911M. The capped / posted sizes are:

• 106mm/135mm - 4.1/5.3" (Sapporo Mini)
• 124mm/135mm - 4.8/5.3" (Sapporo)
• 135mm/150mm - 5.3/5.8" (1911M)

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