Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yay Money!

It was my week off this week, but I've been called into work to help out on an urgent corporate re-branding project. The hours anticipated are going to be long, but at the end of three weeks I should walk away with about 4K - woohoo!

Some pen news for the week...

I bought a neat little ringtop pen from Pendemonium earlier this week - Blue celluloid, fine semi-flex nib, but no maker. The lines put me in mind of a couple of Moore ringtops I've seen... but until I get the pen in my hands I won't know for sure. Before the pen shipped out, Sam e-mailed to tell me their Stipula ink shipment had arrived, and that they could add my back-ordered Stipula 'Moss Green' ink to the package and ship the pen and ink out together. Brilliant service as always.

Yesterday I sent off two Sheaffer's Snorkels to Melbourne Vintage Pens for repairs. One is my beloved Fiesta Red Clipper with the Needlepoint nib, and the other is a Black Statesman I am going to gift someone with.

What else... oh, my Waterman Lady Patricia! It has a great flexible nib which I love, but it just wasn't writing right, and I couldn't see anything obviously wrong with the nib. I spent the better part of a day carefully trying to widen the tines to increase the ink flow, but still keep the line fine. After a lot of fiddling, I finally got the pen writing well again, but it came at the cost of my neck and upper back getting very aggravated from the hunched-over posture I kept while working on the nib.

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