Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pen & Ink Updates

I have been advised by Pendemonium that the Diamine Umber shipment may finally be arriving. It's been a few months now, nearly four, I think. Damn Diamine.

I've rationalised the number of pens I had inked, and I'm down to eight. Once the Pendemonium inks arrive that amount will easily double, so I might have to trim the current number to five or so...

My writing box restoration is going splendidly. The box has cleaned up very well and I'm in the middle of re-papering the inside compartments with a sedate charcoal-coloured paper. It’s looking really neat and tidy now. :)

Lastly, I've ordered another two Pilot 78Gs from HisNibs, as well as two Hero 329s. I love those F nibs on the Pilot 78G - they are perfection. I'll have every colour now: Teal, Red, Dark Green and Black. :)

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