Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The drought (of pen buying) has broken. This last week I was up to my old tricks, buying duplicates from collectors, and scouting around eBay. Some nice pens were had:

  • Radius - Italian, 1940's ladies button-filler. Brown marbled celluloid, 14K Flexible F nib.
  • Sheaffer Valiant - Snorkel. Fern Green, 14K Triumph F nib.
  • Pilot Custom 98 - Deep Yellow, 14K EF nib.
  • Duchessa (Montegrappa sub-brand) - Italian, 1930's ladies button-filler, NOS. Pink marbled celluloid. 14K Flexible F nib.

An interesting little lot... :)


  1. Hi, Laura! I finally found the time to drop by your blog! This is fantastic. Late tonight I'm going to read everything with a cup of hot chocolate.

    May I link you up to my blog?

  2. Feel free - but once you get reading you might change your mind!

    There's a lot of rambling and such... but it's always about fountain pens. :D