Sunday, April 29, 2007

Long Time, No Pens...

...well, not really. Some very nice pens arrived in April, and it looks like May will bring more of the same.

The above image shows a few nice Japanese pens I acquired last month. From the top:

  • Platinum. White enamel with clover motif. 18K Fine.
  • Platinum. Pale gold arabesque motif. C/C. 18K Fine.
  • Platinum. Stainless steel. C/C. 18K White Fine.
  • Pilot. Black with stainless cap. Lever. 'Hardgilt' Steel Flexible Fine.
Also, I received an Aurora 14K EF nib which had been reground to an XF Stub.


  1. I have a few of those Platinum Stainless Steel pens - good, hardy writers. I always try to keep one with me at all times. That Platinum with the arabesque motif is lovely.

  2. Yup - This is a great pen! Very similar to the BelAge Stainless models, but these ones came in at a higher price-point of around 7,000 ¥en. The acid-etched squares around the cap are a perfect accent.

    I was lucky enough to pick up a second one in mint condition this week – this is one of those pens which I definitely want to have a backup of!

  3. I really enjoyed the pics of that relief motif Sailor pen which you posted on the FPN, Laura. It's certainly one of those pens that one appreciates more as more time is spent with it. By the way, I saw this post and really wish I was there too!!

  4. Whoops, it looks like that link I posted above got truncated. It's missing the ".html" at the end.

  5. Thanks - the Sailor certainly is a beautiful little thing. :)

    I saw the Nakaya post on PT earlier - nice choices!

    Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to visit Nakaya at a pen show... if I'm ever lucky enough to attend a pen show in the first place. ;)