Thursday, August 16, 2007

OMAS Disappointment

I heard back from The Pen Shoppe today, as my Omas Dama has returned from Italy. No paperwork was included by Omas, but it seems that they have replaced the clip.

Unfortunately, they have also sent a bill for US$75. The Pen Shoppe seems to think I'll be paying that bill - but since the pen is still under warranty, I'll disagree.

I'm really quite unimpressed with Omas and this whole fiasco. The clip developed hairline cracks in the gold plating after the pen was *casually* used over a six month period. The clip plating was inferior, and the problem isn't a new one, so I can't believe they actually charge people for the clip replacement! :(


  1. the (un?)happy owner of an OMAS, Ogiva MOMA edition. Altough I find the design is superb, and there is no close second (for me), I soon found two major problems: the clip has rust almost from the very beginning; and the nib leaks and the cap gets quite dirty. To be honest, the quality of this FP is below my Lamy Safari (15€)... quite disappointed!

  2. OK, now I'm worried. I just purchased a celluloid paragon and now you people are telling me about their inferior hardware.

    I guess I will really have to put the pen through its paces once I get it to make sure that any defects are found during it's warranty period.

  3. It is worrying... but is your Paragon the old or new model? The new one may be better plated. The replacement clip for my Dama was not the same as the original clip…

    There is some more info on this in my topic on the Fountain Pen Network: So some people speculate it is a climate-based issue, which it may well be... but it still means Omas are at fault if no other manufacturer's pen starts to show plating cracks in this climate.

    Anyway... I am miffed, but I still enjoy the Celluloid series very much. I added a Senape (Saffron) Blue pen to my collection last week... it’s the Princess model - no clip. :/

  4. It's the old one. I got it yesterday and it looks fine. I have two years before the warranty runs out so plenty of time to use it.

    Where was the plating coming off, near the wheel?

  5. Never mind, I see your post now at FPN. The one I have is HT. I hope it has stronger plating!