Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sailor Pro Gear SE

In my last post I mentioned my latest Sailor - a Professional Gear Special Edition produced for the Japanese market.
I wrote a little about this pen over at the Fountain Pen Network when I first received it, and I've been using it ever since. When I bought this pen, I was concerned about the F nib (having only ever used modern Sailor EF nibs in the past), but I was lucky enough to have gotten a very EF-like F nib.

The white trim is perfect, even though I am normally a fan of gold trim, and the nib is very attractive. PR Fiesta Red has turned out to be the perfect colour for this pen, and now I can't think of inking it with anything else. This is really a very striking pen, and I'm so pleased that I paid a little extra to acquire it. :)

Happy, happy, happy!


  1. Looking at this pen (photo) now, I'm taken anew by how lovely the color is. As you mentioned, I think the silver appointments go perfectly with the 'red'. It's what the Japanese might call a 'shibui' red (restrained; see

    I've seen some Prius cars close to this color, too!

  2. Yes, it is a bit of a looker. ;)

    Scouting around Yahoo! Japan last week, I saw that Sailor now have issued the three metallic resin finishes in the Pro Gear Slim size with a 14K nib!

    No idea if the Western world will see them... likely not.