Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome - 2008

Ah... 2008 is now upon us, whatever shall it bring?

Well, for starters I know 2008 will bring me the following goodies from the Ujuku Shop:

  • Platinum Carbon Ink
  • Pilot Security Ink
  • Sailor Kiwagura Ink
I'm looking forward to using these black waterproof inks on my Art Spectrum "Draw & Wash" pads, which provide a perfect feather-free surface for ink sketching.

I'm hoping the new inks won't pose too much of a flow problem with my favourite sketching pen - a Japanese WELL Eyedropper pen from the 1940's. The WELL has a rather nice flexible shiro nib, making it a much more enjoyable sketching tool when compared to the modern Sailor and Platinum desk pens usually suggested for use with these waterproof inks.

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