Saturday, February 02, 2008

Waterproof Inks - Update

A couple of days ago I received my Sailor Kiwagura ink, and so I eagerly loaded it into my Sailor "Manga/Comics" desk pen (which has a fantastic EF steel nib) and tested it. I put samples from all three of my black waterproof inks (Sailor Kiwagura, Pilot Security and Platinum Carbon) down on some Arches 185gsm Watercolour paper and also some cheap office paper, and let the ink dry for 10 minutes. Disappointingly, the Sailor Kiwagura samples released a small puff of black ink upon contact with water, while as usual the Pilot and Platinum inks did not.

Further testing is required... maybe a longer drying time is also needed for the Kiwagura ink. Any update information will be posted here.

03/03/2008 Update:
I sampled the Kiwagura further on my watercolour papers, and have discovered that paper makes a bit of a difference here (which is unusual in my experience with this kind of ink). After allowing the ink to dry for two hours or so, I soaked the paper for twenty minutes, and this time the the Kiwagura was fine, with only a barely-visible swirl of black released by the Kiwagura on the Arches 185gsm Medium. On Fabriano 300gsm and Art Spectrum 210gsm Medium papers no black was released.


  1. Laurel,
    How did your Pilot Prera fine nib work out?

  2. The Pilot Prera F nib is fantastic - it rivals the line put down by my custom ground nibs. It is most definitely comparable to a 0.3mm/XXF line. Extremely smooth too, so I was very pleased.

    Not all Pilot F nibs are created equal though... the very finest F nibs are usually made from steel - the 14K F nib on my Legnos 89s is a regular F nib in terms of width, but the 18K F on my Decimo is more like an EF.