Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some new arrivals...

Been swamped with work lately, so this will be brief - just a quick look at some of the pens I have received lately...

Sailor Professional Gear LE - White with Pink/Rose Gold. (Shown with my Snow White Mini and Ivory Sapporo.)

Sailor-Ujuku Professional Gear LE - Mandarin Yellow. (Shown with my Yellow Sapporo Mini and my Dandelion LE.)

This week I also received some rather lovely Indian pens, made by Guider Pen Works. I'll post more on these later, but for now, a quick group shot:


  1. Wow! Those Sailor pens are gorgeous! So for the Ujuku Mandarin Yellow model: is this a different shade of yellow than the Professional Gear models being sold by, PearTree Pens, etc? (I'm just trying to keep track of all the different Sailor Pro Gear models out there- it seems mind-boggling!)

    Anyway, those are all beautiful pens; I hope they're all wonderful writers too :-)

  2. Yes - the Ujuku Mandarin is a cool, bright yellow, whereas the regular Sailor Yellow is a definite warmer yellow. Both are very nice yellows, and look great with white trim. :)