Sunday, February 19, 2006


So, I went down to the city for a few days recently, and while I was there I bought a new pen. While this is hardly exciting news to most people, to people who collect and appreciate fine writing instruments, this is exciting stuff indeed.

I went in to my favourite store looking for a Lalex or similar brand of fountain pen, and walked out with a Montegrappa Micra.

For the price of one Micra fountain pen I could have bought a ten-year supply of ballpoints - but who wants to write with ballpoints?

I have several 'nice' pens - Waterman, Parker, Sheaffer, Rotring, Lamy, Jean Pierre Lepine, and now Montegrappa. I saw a nice Aurora Mini Optima fountain pen recently, and it was a beautiful writer. Also, the Faber-Castell E-Motion fountain pen is pretty cute, but only comes in a 'Fine' nib. (I have a very light hand and get most of my fountain pens with 'Extra Fine' nibs.)

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