Friday, February 24, 2006

Handwriting Improvement

The last couple of weeks at work have seen me spending a lot of time writing notes and documents. As a result, I have a sore hand. Whilst I was doing the vast amounts of writing, I was a little frustrated because I wanted to write faster, but this just resulted in ugly, chicken scratchings all over the page.

So, today I Googled 'handwriting improvement' and found some useful articles. The best article I have read so far is at PaperPenalia - Tips for improving your handwriting.

I've found I held my pen a little differently to the norm, and as a result I 'draw' my writing - it doesn't just stylize naturally, it's slow, and it causes muscle fatigue.

Now my right hand is extra sore as I have been doing writing exercises to retrain my hand and arm - but if this results in faster, more legible handwriting, I'll suffer happily.

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