Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Inky Goodness

I stopped by a small office supplies store today, after remembering that I had seen some older merchandise in there. I figured they may be worth checking out in my quest for coloured fountain pen inks. I was in luck, and found nine packets of Pelikan 4001 ink cartridges!

On the packet it states the inks were made in West Germany. As West Germany and the DDR started reunification in 1989, these are *old* Pelikan inks. Sadly, over time about a third of the ink in each cartridge has evaporated.

The nine packets consisted of four colours:
• 1x 'Rose-Coloured'
• 2x 'Light Green'
• 2x 'Umber'
• 4x 'Sunflower Yellow'

So far I have only tried the Sunflower Yellow, and it is beautiful. It is a very intense yellow-orange shade, very pure and bright. No muddiness, no brown tones, no red tones - a very true, vivid colour with great flow.

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