Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vintage Pen Sadness

A lovely Green Esterbrook Dollar Pen arrived this week, and I was very excited. However, the ‘rare’ 2314-M nib is annoyingly large, and the section has a crack - which I discovered after I inked it. Of course.

The last two vintage pens I have bought have been very disappointing. I should really be saving my money toward the Nakaya instead, which if it ever breaks; it's someone else’s problem which I don't have to pay for!

In addition, I sent my Fiesta Red Snorkel away for a service recently, and it came back filthy! I didn’t even think it was my pen – I thought the barrel had been swapped! So very disappointing and unnecessary. It’s too much trouble to wipe down a pen after you work on it? Sheesh.

As someone who cannot repair fountain pens, this is when collecting vintage stuff really bites.

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