Saturday, May 12, 2007

XXXF Nibs!

Just after 4PM yesterday afternoon, my long-awaited package from Richard Binder was finally in my hands! My ten pens were back - with freshly customized nibs!

I had forgotten that I had originally sent all but one my pens away in little black slipcases, and when I unpacked the pens it was actually great not knowing what pen each case held!

The included writing samples from Richard looked perfect, and my opinion didn't change when I dip-tested each nib. Each nib performs perfectly, and the feedback and flow is exactly as I required - Richard has done a fantastic job, and these nibs were worth the wait! Each pen is now inked up, and being put to use!

  • Jean-Pierre Lepine Attila, J.Herbin Indien Orange.
  • Jean-Pierre Lepine Indigo, Pelikan Brilliant Brown.
  • Lamy Lady, Noodler's Golden Brown.
  • Omas Saft Green Princess, Stipula Moss Green.
  • Omas Blue La Royal Princess, custom mix.
  • Omas Scarlet Red Princess, Noodler's Tiananmen.
  • Pelikan M400 White Honey, R&K Alt-Goldgrün.
  • Pelikan M300 Green, Montblanc Racing Green.
  • Pelikan M201 Clear, J.Herbin Poussiere de Lune.
Earlier today I put some time aside, selected pens with tiny nibs, and created a document which shows writing samples from 22 pens in my collection:

(Note: The image linked below is 1400x2135 and 2MB in size.)

I wasn't sure of the best way to present such a nib comparison, but I think that by viewing the high-resolution scan at 100%, you can form a clear opinion about the nibs shown. The graph paper used has 5mm squares - so that gives an idea about how small my writing is, and why I use such tiny nibs!

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