Sunday, May 06, 2007

Very Exciting Pen News!

Well, exciting for me at least! Here is a summary of pens I am expecting...

  1. A second Nakaya Piccolo Cigar! Special Urushi finish, 14K SEF nib.

  2. A stainless steel Platinum, exactly like the one shown in this post.

  3. A cute Waterman Lady Charlotte.

  4. The Fountain Pen Network 'Limited Edition' Bexley.

  5. TEN (10) pens from Richard Binder, which I sent to him for nib customizations - I may have them by the end of this week!
Last week I also received two beautiful Japanese pens from the lovely Mr. K. The first was a small Pilot lever-filler, in a gorgeous red celluloid with a firm XF 14K nib. The second was more special... an unusual stainless steel Sailor with a rather exquisite arabesque-like motif. The motif is machined(?) all over the cap, barrel and section. The detail is quite incredible and perfect, and the nib is a 18K White Gold F.

1 comment:

  1. I really like that Sailor pen. It looks very special. Someday I hope to have something as pretty as that. :)