Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rhodia Webnotebooks

Yesterday I received a rather nice gift from a very kind FPN'er - a Rhodia Webnotebook! (I don't know why they are called "Webnotebooks" - but they are.)

I received one in Orange, A6 size. The design and styling is pretty darn cool, and the little logo on each corner of the page doesn't bother me in the slightest. Tragically, the paper isn't the usual Rhodia standard! (Why Rhodia, why???)

Here's my Webnotebook, along with my sexy little Montegrappa Micra, freshly inked with Noodler's Golden Brown:

All things considered, these are nifty little notebooks - let's hope that Exaclair prevail and manage to have Rhodia revisit their paper decision.


  1. This is like when Quo Vadis used a different paper for their Habana journals. Very frustrating.

  2. It really makes you wonder.

    Did *no-one* at Rhodia do any writing on the paper in these notebooks?

    How could they not miss the huge difference to the velum-finish!?


  3. Well, they look great so it's a real shame to hear that the paper isn't up to quality. Just bought myself a new journal today, so I'm hoping that proves to be fountain pen friendly.

  4. I mean, the Habana notebook that I have works okay with most of my fountain pens....but it's clearly not the same kind of paper you'd find in an average Quo Vadis day planner. It sounds like these Rhodia web-notebooks have the same problem. The heck??