Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sailor Sapporo Arrivals!

It's late (10PM), which is never a good time to be shooting photos of anything, let alone nicely detailed photos of my beloved Sapporo pens. However, this blog has been a bit neglected of late, and I guess a couple of bad photos are better than no photos at all. So without further ado, I present my three latest Sailor Sapporo (Pro Gear Slim) acquisitions:

From the bottom: Dark Metallic Green, 14K F; Spring Orange, 14K F; Spring White (Ivory), 14K F; Snow White LE Mini.

There is a considerable difference between the Ivory and pure white Snow White LE - the Ivory could be better called Beige Putty, but I suppose Ivory sounds more appealing. ;)

Even though you cannot see one hint of green in the above photo, hopefully the next photo shows the colour of my Dark Metallic Green Sapporo a bit better (please excuse the appalling flash):

I have chosen to ink my beauties as follows:

  • Spring Orange - Noodler's Apache Sunset
  • Spring White - Penman Ruby
  • Dark Green - 1:1 Noodler's Zhivago and Noodler's Pushkin.
These pens only have Fine nibs (Extra Fine was not available), so I chose inks which are slightly dry-writing - when you have handwriting as small as I do, every bit helps! ;)


  1. What a collection! The orange is yummy. The Spring White looks a bit like a winter white. Not what I expected at all. The metallic green is very different from other Sailor colors. Is it a deep teal or a forest green or a dark true green?

  2. The metallic green is hard to describe... the best I can do is say that it is a very dark shade of teal - solid cool green with blue undertones.

    I have been trying to photograph it today, with no luck so far. (Damnit!) :)

  3. Yes!!! Spot on. That is it exactly!

  4. Yum! Now that's a pen color I would love! Do let me know how you acquired it... :)

  5. What pretty pens! I just bought my first Sailor last week-- a yellow Professional Gear-- and I love it!

  6. Hi Kate! Yellow is wonderful, isn't it? I love my yellow Mini, and have been considering getting a yellow Sapporo - such a cheery colour! I refer to my Mini as "Bumblebee". ;)

  7. Where did you find the White Sailor Prof Gear mini? I can't fins them listed anywhere!

  8. Hi - Unfortunately you will only find the Snow White Mini second-hand, as it was a Limited Edition of 100 pens... I believe they were only on sale in Japan. Sorry this doesn't help much. :/