Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pens Arrived

My Aurora Fuoco Mini arrived today, and it's GORGEOUS! Here it is posing with some Mini siblings:
In addition, I have also received my Pelikan M400 Tortoise & Dark Brown, as well as my Pelikan M450 Tortoise & Vermeil!
And last but certainly not least, a beautiful 1976 Platinum pen made from solid Silver with Silver/Vermeil relief - the workmanship is beautiful, and this is quite a special pen.
I'm a lucky girl. :)


  1. In your previous post, you wrote that the barrel on the M400 is too thin and you worry about overall durability. Would you rate the M450 the same? That's the one I have in mind and I wouldn't want a pen that can't stand daily use :(

    1. Hi there, I have lots of Pelikan pens, and I do use them daily. They are not rugged, but they are not fragile, either. Just treat them respectfully and they'll bring a lot of use. :)