Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Waiting Game

I think the waiting does it. I mean, I don't mind the waiting for my FPs to arrive in AU - the postal system always take ages, but this is more about waiting for ordered pens, or to be able to order certain pens. Too much waiting makes my interest fade...

  • Example 1: The Aurora Fuoco Mini. I ordered one over eight weeks ago, but now my order is not able to be confirmed and I don't know why – it’s probably because there are no EF nibs available... Sigh.
  • Example 2: My second Nakaya Piccolo. The wait for this has been considerable.
  • Example 3: I have a few inexpensive Pilot pens on my wish list that I haven't bought because I only want to order from one place - I don't like having to use three separate vendors to acquire four simple pens.
In the midst of all this waiting, I did try to amuse myself by buying another Omas Princess in Senape (Saffron) Blue, but of course I forgot that the pen will be unusable until it goes to a nibmeister. So, I *was* enthused about this pen, but now it has arrived, I have admired it and soon I'll put it away unused... what a shame.

The one bright spot of interest is two Platinum pens from the 70s which are on their way to me - these I am looking forward to, as I will be able to use each one immediately.

A very big thank you goes to Nikolaos for helping me acquire these excellent Japanese pens. :)


  1. Hi, where have you been getting your stock of Omas celluloids from? eBay? They're getting harder and harder to find in stores.

  2. One more question, how tight is your refill piston? mine is pretty tight, I wonder if that's normal for this pen?

    Are all of yours the same?


  3. I've gotten my celluloids from all over - no one place has been my supplier. Two came from a store in AU, and the other three came from different eBay sellers. They are available in a few stores - but at more than the old full retail price...ow!

    The pistons were quite tight on all of mine...the Senape is the tightest now, while the Scarlet and the Saft are much better. I haven't had them serviced, and they did loosen with use.

    I always work the piston mechanism very slowly and carefully on my Omas pens - I'm not as cautious with my other piston-fillers, but I read that it is best to be careful with the Omas pistons when new.

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