Thursday, April 27, 2006

Good eBay Deal

I bought a little bundle of calligraphy items on eBay recently, didn't really look too hard at it, but the price was right, so I put a bid on and forgot about it.

I won the auction and soon the goods arrived - a few dip pen sets, a couple of calligraphy pen sets, a speedball set, some loose dip pens, a lettering book, a couple of hardcover calligraphy books, and some practice pads.

Postage was pricey for all that stuff, but it was still a great buy - $25US all up. The books were like brand-new, the pens were all excellent, and the practice pads were extra special - a nice buff parchment colour with a super surface that my fountain pens just glide across. One pad is a Grumbacher, the other is generic.

The seller even included some bonus dip and calligraphy pens, and an especially nice little wooden pencil box to store them in.

I good eBay deals!

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