Thursday, April 20, 2006


Well, my Pelikan Souverän M400 (White Tortoise / Honey) and Souverän M300 (Green) will be arriving shortly - the M400 will have a lovely two-tone 14K Extra Fine nib, while the M300 will have a similar two-tone 14K Fine nib.

Happy happy happy!

I ordered the two Pelikan's from PenGallery, as the prices were quite decent, and the postage is very reasonable between Malaysia and Australia.

Before I made my order, I sent two e-mails, one enquiring about the nib on a Pelikan 320, and the second enquiring about whether they would dip-test my chosen pens before shipping. Nobody ever replied to my questions.

I made my order anyway, and expect my pens in a couple of days. I hope all will be fine, as the disregard for my customer service enquiries is disturbing. What if there is a problem with the pen? I would hope that they would respond then. :/


  1. hi laura! congrats on your FP purchases. i'm also looking to buy a white/tortoise M400 from pengallery. i sent them a question a few minutes ago. let's see if they reply.

    let us know how the pens turn out.


  2. whoops. silly me. didn't see this post was a couple years old. haha. :p