Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A New Lepine Attila

Well, I have put my Pelikan Souverän M400 (White Honey) fountain pen order on hold for a month or so. Firstly, the vendor I had hoped to use appears to have some issues shipping to Australia, and secondly, a new Jean-Pierre Lepine fountain pen unexpectedly came my way last week instead!

I love my Lepine pens - I have an Indigo Murano Fountain Pen and a Attila Classic Rollerball. The Indigo fountain pen has a steel nib, and is a beautiful writer. The latest Lepine fountain pen is the Attila Classic in 'Champagne'. The Attila is a thick and stout little pen, measuring just over 5" when capped. It feels great in the hand. I had been looking for the Champagne colour for some time, and it was a stroke of luck that I found it, and that it was also on special - $70 off!

On a whim, I had phoned my favourite pen store to check the price of something, and to inquire about any Jean Pierre Lepine Attila's in stock. The store had a marble burnt orange, blue, and solid black in stock, none of which appealed to me. I asked if they would phone the other branch of their store, to see if they had the Champagne colour I really wanted. (Champagne sold out quickly, and is hard to get.) Within a few minutes they phoned back to say they actually had a forgotten Champagne Attila fountain pen in their store which was on hold for a customer - but that customer had exceeded the hold period, so they could offer it to me. Yay!

When I do get around to ordering my Pelikan M400, I will be getting the following along with it:

• J. Herbin ink, bottle, Vert Olive.
• Private Reserve, bottle, Shoreline Gold.
• Private Reserve, bottle, Fiesta Red.
• Private Reserve, bottle, Copper Burst.

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