Friday, April 28, 2006

Pelikan Clear Demonstrator

After stating that I would not be buying any more Pelikan pens, a unusual Pelikan M200 Demonstrator came my way today, and for the price, I decided I would buy it. The pen is a Clear M200 Demonstrator. 2000 pens were made in the year 2000 for the Asian market. It has a 14K Extra Fine nib, the same nib as a M400.

This is a different pen to the current line of Pelikan M200's which were released in 2002. It is also a different pen to the older 1990's M200 Clear Demonstrator which has two gold cap bands and clear acrylic dome on the end of the cap.

I wonder what ink I'll fill it with when it arrives... methinks Fiesta Red would look pretty darn cool in that clear chamber!

See this archived Stylophiles article for a glimpse of the clear Pelikan - Crystal Clear.

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