Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sailor or Stipula?

In about six weeks time I will be adding another fountain pen to my collection, but as yet cannot decide between a Sailor 1911M or a Stipula New 22. Comparing the pens is like apples to oranges, but each has features which appeal to me.

The 1911M is compact, at just over 5" capped - this is a perfect size. I would order this pen with the 14K Extra Fine nib - apparently the Sailor EF nib is the finest on the market - and I do love a super-fine line. The pen uses cartridges or fills via converter. The colour choices are limited, but Red would be the one for me.
(Approx: $150AU)

At 5" capped, this is another perfect-sized fountain pen. Stipula nibs seem to be highly regarded, so a 14K EF sounds divine. The pen features a piston-filler. Available in an acrylic finish, I would choose Raspberry. The packaging seems elaborate, and no doubt contributes to the higher price.
(Approx $250AU)

Each pen has one major thing going for it: For the Sailor it is the super-fine EF nib, for the Stipula it is the piston-filler.

The Stipula will be shipping soon and no doubt some new reviews will appear, and I do hope the feed issues have been resolved. Otherwise I think it may be the Sailor. That nib is beckoning to me, and the price is not too bad either.

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