Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rohrer & Klingner Ink - Pt III

Six Rohrer & Klingner inks arrived yesterday! As expected, the colours are beautiful and unusual.

Alt-Bordeaux (Old Bordeaux)
I am currently using this ink in a Pelikan M200 with an EF (more like a Fine) nib. Alt-Bordeaux is a rather remarkable colour in my opinion - it simply looks old. This is due, from my observations, to a particular edge effect which I can best describe as 'edge darkening'.

Alt-Bordeaux shows very nice shading, and the muted red-purple hue is attractive yet subtle. On cheap office/printer paper, the ink feathers ever so slightly. (This is hardly concerning, as Pelikan's Brilliant Brown ink also feathered on this paper when I tested it.) Alt-Bordeaux is also a close match for Sheaffer's discontinued Burgundy ink.

Alt-Goldgrun (Old Golden Green)
I just filled my Pelikan M400 with Alt-Goldgrun, and find it to be a beautiful, rich and warm yellow-green colour. It shades very nicely with an EF nib, and displays the same pretty edge effect which Alt-Bordeaux does. As with Alt-Bordeaux, this ink feathers slightly on cheap paper.

Scabiosa (An Iron Gall Ink)
This ink has been loaded into my Duke 2009 with a Fine-ish nib. The Duke has a small volume piston-converter, so the ink should be used up fairly quickly. I'll probably keep Scabiosa in the pen for three or four weeks, and then rinse the pen out thoroughly.

Scabiosa is not as thin as the Alt-Bordeaux ink, and I say this only because it does not feather slightly on cheap paper. The flow of the ink from the pen is no different to any other ink the pen has held. I would have to say that so far, Scabiosa is my favourite R&K ink colour. I don't have any other ink like this colour, so it's understated and subtle lavender-grey hue seems especially unique and interesting to me.

Of my inks, all the Rohrer and Klingner colours were an instant favourite. I will likely buy the entire colour range over time. This is the first time I have ever felt inclined to own every colour from one manufacturer. I will also certainly be buying multiple bottles of Alt-Bordeaux, Alt-Goldgrun and Scabiosa.


  1. I just came across these inks on your website, and they are wonderful shades. Can you tell me where I might find them? (Or do they look better on your website than in person?)

  2. For the beautiful Rohrer & Klingner inks, I'd suggest The Inked Nib or Pendemonium.

    They look as good in the scan as on the page! I may have put some larger scans on FPN also... :)

  3. Laura, I also quickly became a great fan of the R&K inks. I have both Verdigris and Magenta. Scabiosa will be my next, I guess. Helianthos is gorgeous as well, but I may not have much use for it (and I am already VERY happy with C d' A Saffron).

    Best regards,