Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Beautiful Journal

I have been meaning to start keeping a journal of late, and today had decided to buy an inexpensive 9x7" spiral-bound notebook to use. These 200 page notebooks are around $6, and have 'ok' fountain pen paper.

Instead, I found a beautiful little 8.5x6" Journal with a very pretty Butterfly motif on the front and back cover. The padded covers are waterproof, and the journal has 200 pages of bound, pale beige, lightly lined paper. These Journals are produced by an interesting Australian company called Sklew, and retail for $16.

The paper is the remarkable thing - it feels like standard, fine, smooth paper to the touch, but has a somewhat 'waxen' response when the ink goes on. My fountain pens lay down an incredibly fine line, with little line variation, no bleeds, and no blobs. Even my M nibs lay a very fine, rather dry trace - I find this utterly perfect. I am trying to find out a little more about the paper, as I would be devastated if it wasn't friendly to fountain pens after all!

The paper is very similar in behaviour to a rather old pad of Grumbacher's 'Calligraphy' Buff Parchment that I have.

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