Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back Pain, Pelikan Pain

After a miserable three days, half of Thursday being spent in the hospital with my back going into acute and extremely painful muscle spasms, I thought Saturday would be a better day when a slip arrived from the Post Office, informing me my Pelikan M200 Clear Demonstrator had arrived.

I inked up the pen with Pelikan Brilliant Brown, and to my dismay found the 14K EF nib to be scratchy, dry and prone to much skipping. I compared it carefully to my M400 14K EF nib, and it is definitely the M200 nib at fault. The downstroke is very rough, and the pen writes nothing like the M400 does.

I contacted the vendor, but they were not very receptive. I persevered with the pen, but then sent a second e-mail further outlining the nib issues. Fingers crossed.

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