Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Inks, Handwriting

A lovely box arrived from Pendemonium today! It contained four bottles of ink - J. Herbin’s 'Vert Olive', Private Reserve's 'Blue Suede', 'Fiesta Red' and 'Copper Burst'. I'm loving Vert Olive - it looks excellent coming out of the White Honey M400!

I had also bought a copy of Write Now, as I am currently undertaking Handwriting Improvement with Kate Gladstone.

I must say I am impressed with the progress. My handwriting was never really bad, just a little slow, and when I sped it up, it all went to hell in a hand basket. I did have some bad habits too - h, b and m/n were poorly formed, but I'm improving. Write Now is really helpful also - I was struggling to form a f, j and k that I liked, and sure enough the book had some perfect italic examples for me.

I'm very happy I made the decision to improve my writing with Kate.

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