Friday, April 18, 2008

Dillon Ang Cursive Italic - Excellent!

What a nice week it was for my mailbox - lots of exciting pens, plus my first nib from Dillon Ang ('Dillo' on FPN).

The other week Dillon offered a 14K Pelikan M400 nib unit for sale, which I promptly pounced on. I took the opportunity to have the nib ground to a special point - a 0.3mm / XXXF Cursive Italic.

I can honestly say I am delighted with this nib. It is every bit as good as my nibs from other nibmeisters - and it is very smooth. Dare I say, too smooth? (I'm actually not even sure, because as a Needlepoint user smoothness can be a foreign concept for me!)

Dillon's service was prompt, well-priced and very professional. I am proud to add his 0.3mm Cursive Italic nib to my collection - and more from him will follow it! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sailor Excess

This is only my eleventh post for 2008 (slack of me, I know), but it is my fifth post for the year about Sailor fountain pens... I can assure you that this bias is unintentional. :P

Anyway, I am expecting the following Sailor pens to join my collection soon...

  • Mitsukoshi Dandelion (Tanpopo) LE
    This is a Limited Edition of 50 pens, Professional Gear size. Each Dandelion comes with a matching bottle of specially blended Sailor Jentle ink to match the spring yellow body colour of this demonstrator.
  • Metallic Green SE
    I already have one of these special editions in the Professional Gear size, but the Metallic Green is a rhodium Pro Gear Slim (Sapporo) model with 14K F nib. I love the colour green, so I'm looking forward to this one.
  • Spring White SE
    One of the 2008 Spring range... Pro Gear Slim (Sapporo) size. This is a creamy white colour as opposed to the pure white of my Snow White LE. The Spring White also has gold trim, which I love. I managed to arrange an F nib too!
  • Spring Orange SE
    Another one from the 2008 Spring range... Orange with gold trim - yay! Looks delicious. The Pink and Sky Blue from the Spring range don't appeal to me though... I already have enough Pro Gears with rhodium trim!