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Fountain Pens: My Collection

My fountain pen collection tends toward smaller-sized pens which are generally no longer than 5"/130mm capped. While most of my pens are a great deal smaller than 5", there are a couple of exceptions - primarily for Sheaffer Snorkels.
I prefer celluloid or resin to metal, bright or unusual colours to patterns - and Extra Fine nibs. (But I will sometimes overlook the nib size if I find a pen with very appealing overall style or construction.)

Updated: 06.08.2009

(Pictures below!)


  • Aurora
    Optima Mini, Bordeaux. 14K XF Stub2.
    Fuoco Aurea Minima LE, Red Marble. 18K EF.
    Sole Aurea Minima LE, Yellow Marble. 18K EF.
  • Bexley
    Simplicity 2007 FPN LE, Blue Cracked Ice. Steel F.
  • Danitrio
    Takumi "Mt. Fuji" Maki-e. 14K Flexy XXXF Needlepoint3.
  • Duke
    Mini Torpedo, Black. Steel/14K F. (x2)
    Chaplin, Black. Steel/22K M.
  • Guider Pen Works
    Celluloid Eyedropper, Mandarin Yellow. Steel F.
    Acrylic Eyedropper Small, Rose. Steel F.
    Ebonite Eyedropper Medium, Olive. Steel F.
    Devika, Ebonite Eyedropper Mini. Steel F. (x2)
  • Hero
    329. Steel F. (x2)
  • Jean Pierre Lépine
    Attila, Champagne. Steel 0.3 Stub1.
    Indigo Murano, Orange. Steel XXXF Needlepoint1.
  • Lamy
    ABC Pen & Pencil Set. Steel F. (x2)
    Lady, Rosenthal Porcelain. 14K 0.4 Cursive Italic1.
  • Montegrappa
    Micra, Orange Marble. 18K XXXF Needlepoint1.
  • Nakaya
    Cigar Piccolo, Chinkin Nuri-hanashi Shu Palmet 14K SEF.
    Cigar Piccolo, Kuro-Tamenuri Urushi. 14K EF.
    Cigar Piccolo, Olive Green Urushi. 14K Elastic SEF.
  • Omas
    Dama, Pearl Grey. 18K EF.
    Princess, Blue La Royale. 18K XXXXF Super-Needlepoint1.
    Princess, Saft Green. 18K 0.3 Cursive Italic1.
    Princess, Scarlet Red. 18K XXXF Needlepoint1.
    Princess, Scarlet Red. 18K EF.
    Princess, Senape (Saffron) Blue. 18K 0.3 Cursive Italic3.
    Princess, Arco Green. 18K XXF4.
  • Parker
    Vector, Stainless Steel. Steel F.
    Vector, Matte Black Anodized. Steel F.
  • Pelikan
    M200, Yellow "Citroenpers" SE. 14K EF.
    M201 (Asia), Clear Transparent. 14K XXXF Needlepoint1.
    M250, Bordeaux. 14K EF.
    Souverän M300, Green-Black. 14K 0.3 Crisp Italic1.
    Souverän M400, Tortoise-White. 14K 0.3 Stub1.
    Souverän M400, Tortoise-Dark Brown "Kaufhof" SE. 14K 0.3 Cursive Italic4.
    Souverän M450, Tortoise-Vermeil. 18K EF.
    M640, "Polar Lights" SE. 18K XXXF Needlepoint1.
  • Pilot
    78G, Steel F.
    Capless Décimo, Pearl White. 18K F.
    Cashew Urushi, Gold Dust & Dark Green. 18K F.
    Custom 98, Deep Yellow. 14K EF.
    Desk Pen DPP-100, Steel EF.
    Etched Floral, Stainless Steel & Green-Gold Lacquer. 18K F.
    Elite Short, Floral White. 18K F Script.
    Elite Silver, Rolled Sterling Silver. 18K F Script.
    Legno 89s, Deep Red. 14K F.
    "L", Red Shimmer. 14K F.
    MYU 701, Stainless Steel. F. (H674)
    MYU 701, Stainless Steel. F. (H777)
    MYU M90, Stainless Steel. F.
    Penko Mini, White. Steel F.
    Prera, Lime Green. Steel F.
    Red Stripe, Red & White. 14K F.
  • Platinum
    Carbon (Desk) Pen, Black. Steel EF.
    Floral Relief / Karakusa, Gold. 18K F.
    Fluted, Floral Band. 18K F.
    Short, Clover Motif. 18K Semi-Flex F.
    Short, Deep Red Gold Sparkle 18K F.
    Stainless Steel, Black Squares. 18K F. (x2)
    Riviere, Sterling Silver, Ceramic Inlay. 14K F.
    Sterling Silver, Cashew Urushi. 18K F.
    Sterling Silver, Vermeil Relief. 18K F.
    (Original) Zogan, Gold Inlay, Black. 18K F.
  • Rotring
    Core, Red Balium. Steel XS.
  • Sailor
    1911 LE, "Hanshin Tigers", White-Black Stripes, 21K M. (77 pieces)
    1911M, Red. 14K EF.
    Chalana, Stainless Steel. 14K EF.
    Charmer, Silver Pink. Steel F.
    Ink Pen, Black. Steel F Stub.
    Manga/Comics (Desk) Pen, Green. Steel EF.
    Mini Flighter, Stainless Steel. Steel F. (x2)
    Professional Gear Slim, Black. 14K EF.
    Pro Gear Slim SE, Spring White. 14K F.
    Pro Gear Slim SE, Spring Orange. 14K F.
    Pro Gear Slim LE, "Hougado Brown", Demonstrator. 14K EF.
    Pro Gear Slim LE, "Hougado Green", Demonstrator. 14K EF.
    Pro Gear Slim Mini, Black. 14K EF.
    Pro Gear Slim Mini, Yellow. 14K EF.
    Pro Gear Slim Mini SE, "Morita Original", Turquoise. 14K F.
    Pro Gear Slim Mini LE, "Snow White", White. 14K EF. (100 pieces)
    Pro Gear Mini LE, "Naginata", Bordeaux. 21K MF Naginata.
    Pro Gear SE, Dark Metallic Red. 21K F.
    Pro Gear LE, "Dandelion", Yellow Demonstrator. 21K M. (50 pieces)
    Pro Gear LE, "KAN", Scarlet. 21K EF.
    Pro Gear LE, White with Pink Gold. 21K EF.
    Pro Gear LE, "Bunzo", Smoke Green. 21K EF. (25 pieces)
    Pro Gear LE, "Ujuku", Mandarin Yellow. 21K F. (100 pieces)
    Silver Fluted, Sterling Silver & Pink. 18K F.
    Silver Fluted, Sterling Silver & White. 18K F.
    "21" Short, Pink. 21K EF.
    Short, Steel, Chequered Band. 14K F.
    Short, Steel, Brushed. 18K WG F.
    Short, Steel, Black Stripes. 18K WG F.
    *RARE* Short, Steel, Arabesque Floral. 18K WG F. (Image)
    *RARE* Short, Steel, Egyptian Hieroglyphs. 18K WG F. (Image)
  • Sheaffer
    'For the Doll' Ringtop, Orange. Steel F.
  • Uranus
    NJF, Tortoise Lacquer. Steel F.
  • Visconti
    Viscontina, Dark Green / Vermeil. 18K M.
  • Waterman
    Laureat, Red-Gold. Steel M.
    Lady Charlotte, Orange. Steel F.
    Watermina Set, Rust Red. 18K B.
  • WTM Pens
    El Toro, Macassar Ebony. Steel XF.
1 Richard Binder Nib Modification
2 Other Nib Modification
3 Deb Kinney Nib Modification
4 Dillon Ang Nib Modification


  • Astura
    Nova, 1930's. Green Marble Celluloid. Button. 14K XF.
  • Duchessa (Montegrappa)
    1930's. Pink-Red Celluloid. Button. 14K Flexible F.
  • Esterbrook
    J Double-Jewel. Red. Lever. 9250 EF Firm / 2550 EF Firm.
    J Double-Jewel. Blue. Lever. 2550 EF Firm.
    SJ Double-Jewel. Grey. Lever. 9128 EF Semi-Flex.
    SJ Double-Jewel. Copper. Lever. 2550 EF Firm.
    № 447 Dipless Desk Set. Black. 9668 F Firm.
  • Grieshaber
    Baby Grand Ringtop, 1920's. BHR. 14K F.
  • Kaweco
    *RARE* Toledo, 1923. Lever. 14K A. Morton Left-Oblique M. (Image) (History)
  • Majestic
    1940's. Green Stripe, Ink Vue. Lever. 14K M.
  • Melbi (Merz & Krell)
    № 6, ~1920. BHR. Safety. Steel M.
    № 1107, Wartime ~1938. Black Chased Celluoid, BHR. Piston. Palladium M. (Image)
  • Parker
    "21" 1950's. Black. Aerometric. Steel XF.
    Petite Pastel Ringtop, 1919. Apple Green. Button. 14K Lucky Curve B.
  • Pelikan
    Graphos, 1940's. Black Bakelite. 12 Nib Set.
  • Salz
    Peter Pan Ringtop, 1920's. 2.25" Mini. Gold-Filled. Bulb. 14K M.
    Peter Pan Ringtop, 1920's. 2.25" Mini. Amber. Bulb. 14K Stub.
  • Sheaffer's
    46 Special Short Ringtop, 1925. Black. Lever. 14K XF.
    Autograph, Black. Snorkel. 14K XF. (AU)
    Clipper, Fiesta Red. Snorkel. PdAg A4 Account / XXF.
    Valiant, Black. Solid 14K Gold Snorkel Tube. 14K XF.
    Valiant, Burgundy. Snorkel. 14K XF.
    Valiant, Fern Green. Snorkel. 14K F.
  • Waterman
    Lady Patricia, 1932. 'Onyx' RHR Section/Feed. Lever. 14K Flexible F.
    № 452½V Ringtop, 1920's. BHR Sterling Overlay. Lever. 14K F.
Vintage Japanese Pens:

  • Almite
    Wartime 1940's. Aluminium, Gold Trim. Lever. Steel F.
    Wartime 1940's. Aluminium, Nickel Trim. Lever. Steel F.
  • Ever
    Unknown 1950's. Ebonite & Resin, Gold Trim. Bulb Filler. Steel XF.
  • Pilot
    "R" Vest Pocket, Prewar ~1936. Red Celluloid. Lever. 14K XF.
    № 6, Wartime ~1938. Black-Red Celluloid. Lever. Steel F.
    Super, 1960's. Black. Lever. Steel 'Hardgilt' Flexible XF.
  • Platinum
    10 Year, ~1950. Ivory Celluloid. Lever. Steel F.
  • Sailor
    Wartime 1940's. Ebonite, Urushi. Eyedropper. Steel F.
  • Well
    № 12, ~1938. Ebonite, Black Urushi. Eyedropper. Steel XF.
    Diamond, Wartime 1940's. Ebonite, Urushi. Eyedropper. Steel F.
  • Yotubisi
    Oversize, ~1955. Ebonite, Red Urushi. Eyedropper. Pladium F.

Images: (Click for larger version.)

Italian Celluloid
Omas Princess Saft Green, Omas Princess Blue La Royale, Aurora Aurea Sole Minima LE Yellow Marble, Montegrappa Micra Orange Marble.

Nakaya Piccolo Red Black

Nakaya Piccolo Chinkin Palmet

Nakaya Piccolo Olive Green

Miscellaneous Modern
Rotring Newton, Duke 2007 Mini, Sailor 1911M, Jean-Pierre Lepine: Attila (2) / Indigo, Montegrappa Micra, Aurora Sole Minima LE.

Miscellaneous Modern
Pelikan: M250 / M300 Souveran / M400 Souveran / M201 Demonstrator, Laban Banker (2), Duke Ruby, Parker: 45 Classic / Arrow / Vector (2).

Orange and Green
Sailor PG Slim Metallic Dark Green, Montegrappa Micra, Pelikan Souveran M450, Sailor PG Slim Spring Orange.

Miscellaneous Vintage
Majestic, Townsend, Parker: Lady Duofold / Petit Pastel, Sheaffer: 46 Special / Jade Junior, Waterman: Lady Patricia / Overlay 452 1/2 V, Grieshaber Baby Grand.

Jean Pierre Lepine
Attila Champagne, Indigo Murano Amber, Attila Red.

Parker Ring Tops
Lady Duofold Lacquer Red, Petite Pastel Apple Green (Discoloured), Petite Pastel Apple Green (Heavily Discoloured).

Pilot MYU 701

Aurora Mini Optima

OMAS Princess, Scarlet Red x2

Japanese Pens I
Platinum Short Clover, Platinum Sterling Urushi, Platinum Stainless, Platinum Sterling Riviere, Pilot Custom 98, Pilot Penko Mini, Sailor Mini.

Japanese Pens II
Sailor Chalana, Sailor Eyedropper, Sailor Short Arabesque, Pilot Lever-Fill, Pilot Celluloid, Sailor Sapporo Mini, Platinum Karakusa.

Japanese Pens III
Pilot 78G (4), Pilot Custom 98, Pilot MYU 701 (3), Pilot Penko Mini.

Japanese Pens IV
Platinum Karakusa BP, Sailor Sapporo, Platinum Sterling Riviere, Platinum Black Squares, Platinum Sterling Red Squares, Platinum Zogan, Pilot Etched Floral, Nakaya Piccolo, Sailor Arabesque.

White Sailor Pro Gears
Snow White Mini LE, Spring White Slim, Pink Gold LE

Yellow Sailor Pro Gears
Yellow Mini, Ujuku Mandarin Yellow LE, Dandelion LE.

Sailor & Pilot
Sailor Arabesque and a pre-war Pilot vest pocket in rich red celluloid.

Sailor Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Danitrio Fujisan

Pen Assortment

Pelikan Souveräns
M450 Souveran, M400 Souveran Brown, M400 Souveran White.

Sheaffer's Assortment
1970's: CF School Pen, CF 'For the Doll' Ring Top. 1950's: Snorkel Autograph. 1920's: 46 Special Short Ring Top, Jade Junior.

Sheaffer's Snorkels
Black Autograph, Pastel Blue Clipper, Fiesta Red Clipper, Burgundy Valiant, Black Valiant.
(Fern Green not shown.)

OMAS Celluloid
OMAS Senape (Saffron) Blue Princess, Pearl Grey Dama, Blue La Royale Princess, Saft Green Princess, Scarlet Red Princess.

Small Pens I (Mostly Italian)
Sailor Sapporo Mini (4), OMAS Princess (4), Visconti Viscontina, Aurora Mini Optima (3).

Small Pens II
Pelikan M400 White-Tortoise, Pelikan M300 Green-Black, Pilot Prera, Pilot Custom 98, Aurora Mini Optima, Pilot Legnos 89s, OMAS Dama, Sailor Sapporo Mini, Sailor Sapporo.

Nibs by Richard Binder

Kaweco Toledo Size Comparison
Kaweco Toledo, Sheaffer's Snorkel.

Waterman Audace
Purple Link, Midnight Glamour, Ultra Lace, Blossom Kimono, Ethnic Chic, Indian Vibes, Lady Cordoba.
(Happy Pop and Enchanted Garden not shown.)

Fountain Pens: My Reviews

This list will be updated as I write Reviews for pens I find of interest - Reviews are generally posted at The Fountain Pen Network.

I use the term Overview for informal, personal comments regarding a pen.

My Reviews:

My Overviews:

Fountain Pens: My Wish List

Updated: 04.07.2009

Aoyama Myth LE, Sterling with White Ebonite.
Omas Princess, Celluloid Bronze Arco.
Omas Venice Carnivale LE.

My Ink List

If you would like hand-written ink samples, please see my list below and contact me via email. Updated: 23.10.2020

Caran d'Ache
Jade Green
J. Herbin
Lie de Thé
Poussiere de Lune
Rouge Opera
Vert Olive
Camel Brown
Skies of Blue
Always Greener
Blue Bahamas
Racing Green
Apache Sunset
Saguaro Wine
FPN Dumas' Tulipe Noire
FPN Galileo Manuscript Brown1
Russian Authors Pushkin1
Russian Authors Dostoyevsky1
Russian Authors Chekhov1
Golden Brown2
Red Black2
Penman Mocha
Penman Ruby
Quink Black (Solv-X)
Brilliant Brown
Edelstein Olivine
Edelstein Tanzanite
Security Black3
Carbon Black3
Blue Black
Private Reserve
Blue Suede
Burgundy Mist
Copper Burst
Fiesta Red
Shoreline Gold
Gray Flannel
Rohrer & Klingner
Salix3 (Iron Gall)
Scabiosa3 (Iron Gall)
Red Brown
Yellow Orange
Sakura Mori
Bunzo Smoke Green4
Kiwaguro / Nano Black3
Hougado Deep Rust Black4
Hougado Deep Moss Black4
Hougado Souseki Uranari Green4
Mitsukoshi Dandelion4
Verde Muschiato
Skrip Black
King's Gold *
Van Dieman’s
Azure Kingfisher
Black Truffle
Black-tongue Spider Orchid
Blackened Seas
Blonde Bombshell
Cradle Mountain Grey
Elizabeth’s Violet Eyes
Eucalyptus Regnans
Federation Peak
Firetail Finch
Hanging Lake
Launceston Fog
Leatherwood Honey Amber
Oakwood Brown
Rita Hayworth’s Locks
Sailors Delight
Spotted Sun Orchid
Styx Valley Forest Green
Sweet Fig
Tamar Pinot Wine Red
Tasmania Vine Purple
Tiger Snake
West Coast Sunset Tangerine

1 Noodler's Eternal / Bulletproof (Waterproof & Permanent) Ink 
2 Noodler's Near-Bulletproof Ink 
3 Other Specialty Waterproof Ink 
4 Special Edition Ink 


J. Herbin Cacao du Bresil 
J. Herbin Indien Orange 
Montegrappa Bordeaux 
Parker Penman Emerald * 
Parker Penman Mocha * 
Parker Penman Ruby * 
Pelikan Brilliant Green 
Pelikan Light Green * 
Pelikan Pink 
Pelikan Rose-Coloured * 
Pelikan Royal Blue * 
Pelikan Sunflower Yellow * 
Pelikan Umber * 
Pelikan Violet 
Pilot Black 
Pilot Blue 
Platinum Black 
Platinum Blue-Black 
Platinum Red 
Private Reserve Arabian Rose 
Sailor Black 
Sailor Blue 
Sheaffer Blue 
Sheaffer Blue-Black 
Sheaffer Brown 
Sheaffer Burgundy * 
Sheaffer Gray * 
Sheaffer Green 
Sheaffer Jet Black 
Sheaffer Lavender * 
Sheaffer Peacock Blue * 
Sheaffer Red 
Waterman Florida Blue 
* Color is Discontinued

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Review: Montegrappa Micra

I wrote a little review today for the Montegrappa Micra, a wonderful little fountain pen I picked up in February. I have also posted this review (complete with many pictures) over at The Fountain Pen Network: Montegrappa Micra

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Repairs, Levenger Ink

I sent my Sheaffer Snorkel Autograph and Waterman 452 1/2V fountain pens away to Melbourne Vintage Pens to be serviced today, as each pen needs the filling system repaired. I am hoping the Sheaffer will only be $30 to repair, and the Waterman $25, but the Waterman's lever feels loose to me though, so I hope it has not got a more serious problem.

Several weeks ago, a very kind FPN member offered to act as a 'middleman' in order for me to get a couple of packs of Levenger ink. (Levenger's FedEx shipping rate to Australia was obscene, so I had posted a little rant about it.) I forwarded the money, and this kind soul ordered my ink from Levenger, and worked out postage to Australia. Well, the ink is all packed up ready to be posted and I have paid the final postage amount, so I should be receiving a "Slightly Wild" six-pack in a couple of weeks! I've very excited - I have been dying to try the Fireball ink!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Won a Sheaffer Autograph

I won an Australian Sheaffer today, but I don't know much about it. I think it might be a Sheaffer Snorkel Autograph. I'm not to sure on the Snorkel part, for all I know, it may be some kind of Triumph, although it does look too long and too slim for that. Perhaps it is a TM Touchdown? At any rate, it is a White Dot Sheaffer with a two-tone 14K Triumph nib, a 14K cap clip and 14K wide cap band:

I have been reading a bit about Sheaffer's on, but I do not know if the information applies to the Australian Sheaffer company. I guess it's fairly safe to say the pen is from the 1950's. I have read that the Snorkel may have been manufactured in Australia until 1962, but again, I don't know yet if this pen is a Touchdown or a Snorkel.

I'm really looking forward to getting this Sheaffer. However, I think maybe that I paid a little too much for this pen - it was $58US. If it needs $50 worth of work, I won't be happy. A big plus is that the nib seems fine, and more importantly, the pen has *not* been autographed - the cap band is clean. It seems like it is in good 'user' condition, but I have no information about what the condition of the filling system may be like... fingers crossed that it will be fine.