Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ack, 2010!

Late as it is, here is my first blog post for 2010. A year of change, oh yes!

I'm off to Melbourne in a couple of days, where my husband and I will spend a week wandering about the city and playing tourist. My husband asked me to make a list of places I wanted to visit, but so far all it contains are pen shops and art shops.

Now, if you have emailed me, or written to me, I will reply soon! I have only recently returned from Perth, where I spent nearly two months with my family. Christmas brought me a heap of new books, mostly about watercolour painting, some gadgets, but alas, no new pens. (For some strange reason, my husband thinks that a collection of nearly two hundred pens is "enough".)

Anyway, more later... :)