Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gel Pens

I'm not a big fan of gel pens in general. The points are usually far too large for my handwriting, but I must say that I have been enjoying Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.25mm gel pens for some time now. I have found them to be wonderful for drawing and sketching in particular.

I really wish they were available in the full colour range, though... the 0.3mm/0.4mm colour range is beautiful.

(This concludes one of my very rare "pens-but-not-fountain-pens" posts!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shock, Horror!

I am back from my painting workshop - it rocked!

But now for the shock: There was a lovely man in my workshop who also liked fountain pens! *Gasp!* A real, live person! Someone from outside of the internet! That liked fountain pens!

I know, I could hardly believe it myself.

So, it was lunch time, and we were standing around in a small group, chatting. Someone had asked me something about myself, and in my prattling on I threw the usual line in about collecting fountain pens. The nice man then asked me what my favourite brand was (at this point, I think I experienced a mild case of shock, because I don't remember making much sense when I tried to explain that I liked Japanese pens). Then I asked him what his favourite brand was, and it was Montegrappa! (How wonderful to hear he liked something exotic, and didn't just say Parker or Sheaffer!) I was all: "*Gasps!* I have a Montegrappa Micra!! What model do you have?! Is it an LE?!" (Plus he knew what the Micra was!!!)

Then I realized that I really was speaking with that many exclamations, so I tried to chill and not act like an over excited eight year-old. I went and fetched my Libelle 5-pen wrap and revealed the goods! I am proud to say that they were greeted with awe. I had a Nakaya Piccolo, Sailor Pro Gear, Pilot MYU M90, Pelikan Polar Lights... and something else which escapes me at present.

Anyway, next time I am in Brisbane, we're going to have lunch, and I'm going to bring some of my pens! (OMG, an outing with my pens, I thought this day would never come!)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Out of Town

From tomorrow, I'm heading out of town for a couple of weeks. I'm going to a two-week watercolour painting workshop, something I've been looking forward to for the last few months!

I've packed a couple of my trusty Sailor Pro Gear pens, a bottle of Noodler's Golden Brown, and a couple of Rhodia notebooks. I'm good to go!

I won't have any internet access while I am away, so bye bye for a while. :)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gaah! 2009!

There I was at 2AM this morning, merrily choosing which colour PANTONE® Universe Collection Mug (see image) to use, when my husband came into the kitchen and reminded me that "2009 is the year". My hand was on my favourite mug, the Olive Green 5757C, when I realised what he was talking about.

I am in no way ready for it to be 2009.

This year, my hedonistic little life will effectively be over. This year, my husband wants me to have a baby.

A baby.

What on earth would I do with a baby?

The whole idea is just appalling.

Not even inking one of my most-loved pens, an OMAS Princess (Saft Green) with Binder 0.3mm Stub nib, has cheered me up.