Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gaah! 2009!

There I was at 2AM this morning, merrily choosing which colour PANTONE® Universe Collection Mug (see image) to use, when my husband came into the kitchen and reminded me that "2009 is the year". My hand was on my favourite mug, the Olive Green 5757C, when I realised what he was talking about.

I am in no way ready for it to be 2009.

This year, my hedonistic little life will effectively be over. This year, my husband wants me to have a baby.

A baby.

What on earth would I do with a baby?

The whole idea is just appalling.

Not even inking one of my most-loved pens, an OMAS Princess (Saft Green) with Binder 0.3mm Stub nib, has cheered me up.



  1. Umm, happy New Year, love the mugs, and good luck with all that other stuff?

    If it makes you feel any better, my dad was pestering me today about when my apartment's lease runs out and whether my boyfriend and I might like to get married (and neither of us are in a position, job or finance-wise, to do that right now). It was unsettling.

  2. Unsettling... that's a very good word for it.

  3. @Laurel:
    In all fairness, I think he was kidding, in his usual way. But like all fathers with daughters, he doesn't realize how annoying it is.

    (Seriously, fathers of daughters never learn these things even though you think they'd know better).

  4. Er, just a wee reminder that hubby can't do it without you. Well, unless he came with some extraordinary additional equipment. :P

  5. You don't really sound ready. . .