Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gel Pens

I'm not a big fan of gel pens in general. The points are usually far too large for my handwriting, but I must say that I have been enjoying Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.25mm gel pens for some time now. I have found them to be wonderful for drawing and sketching in particular.

I really wish they were available in the full colour range, though... the 0.3mm/0.4mm colour range is beautiful.

(This concludes one of my very rare "pens-but-not-fountain-pens" posts!)


  1. Heresy! But I do understand after snagging a couple 0.3mm Hi-Tec pens from Jet Pens several months ago. They are fantastic for crosshatch work and making tiny notes in margins. So they do have their uses but don't tell my FPs. They might get jealous and you know where that can lead...

  2. I am so excited to see there is someone else like me out there in this world. I absolutely adore my fountain pens but they've never been "fine" enough for me. I've become acustomed to using the very fine japaneese pens and even the EF nibs that come with my fountain pens can't stand up to that. I recently found your post on FPN about your XXXF and XXXXF pens from richard and was extatic!!! I can't wait to send him some of mine (just a few to start with :)). As for the Hi-Tec pens, i switched from using the standard Hi-Tec to the Cavalier (also from Pilot) which is a lot nicer (IMHO). However, the finest Cavalier is a 0.3mm and the color selection is even more limited than the 0.25 Hi-Tec - no green :(

    Anyhow, i just wanted to thank you for making me awayre of Richards handywork.

    just our of curiosity, how do you find your XXXXF (0.1mm) FP compares to your Hi-Tec 0.25mm?