Thursday, November 06, 2008

Iroshizuku Inks - Autumn Range

My Iroshizuku inks arrived today! Four beautiful bottles! The colours are gorgeous and bright!

Yay Pilot!

(Also posted on FPN.)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

For Sale: Update

I was planning to have my pen sale ready by now, but life has gotten in the way. I suddenly have two weddings to photograph out of town (one this weekend and the other next weekend), so I will have to plan my formal FPN or eBay sale for later in November.

In the meantime, here is a tentative list of the pens I am considering for sale - I still may add more.

Pre-1950s Pens
Aikin Lambert, Capitol, olive green marble, lever, 14K F.
Duchessa (Montegrappa), Unknown, pink-red marble, lever, 14K F.
Majestic, Unknown lady-size, green stripe, lever, 14K M.
Melbi, № 6, BHR, safety, steel F.
Parker, '21', black, XF.
Redipoint, Advertising Pen (Home Insurance Co.), gold fleur-de-lis relief, lever, 14K F.
Sheaffer's, Snorkel Clipper, pastel blue, PdAg F.
Sheaffer's, Snorkel Valiant, burgundy, 14K XF.
Townsend, Ringtop, tortoise marble, lever, 14K M.
Waterman, Lady Patricia Ink-Vue, pearl grey, lever, 14K factory Account/XXF.
Waterman, № 3V, moss agate, lever, 14K B.

Post-1950 and Modern Pens
Pilot, Elite 'Kara Kara' Set, blue/aqua/pink, 14K F.
Pilot, Legno 89s, deep red cherry, 14K F.
Pilot, Penko Mini, white, steel F.
Platinum, Karakusa, gold-beige, 18K F.
Sailor, 1911 Hanshin Tigers LE, black-white stripe, 21K M.
Sailor, 1911M, red, 14K EF.
Sailor, '21' Short, pink section, 21K XF.
Sailor, 'Chequered Band' Set FP/BP/MP, stainless, 14K F.
Sailor, Sapporo Slim, black rhodium, 14K EF.
Waterman, Lady Charlotte, orange-black, steel F.
Waterman, Watermina, brown marble laquƩ, 18K BB.

If you are interested in something please email me for more information on a pen, or for prices and photos.