Saturday, June 17, 2006

Repairs, Levenger Ink

I sent my Sheaffer Snorkel Autograph and Waterman 452 1/2V fountain pens away to Melbourne Vintage Pens to be serviced today, as each pen needs the filling system repaired. I am hoping the Sheaffer will only be $30 to repair, and the Waterman $25, but the Waterman's lever feels loose to me though, so I hope it has not got a more serious problem.

Several weeks ago, a very kind FPN member offered to act as a 'middleman' in order for me to get a couple of packs of Levenger ink. (Levenger's FedEx shipping rate to Australia was obscene, so I had posted a little rant about it.) I forwarded the money, and this kind soul ordered my ink from Levenger, and worked out postage to Australia. Well, the ink is all packed up ready to be posted and I have paid the final postage amount, so I should be receiving a "Slightly Wild" six-pack in a couple of weeks! I've very excited - I have been dying to try the Fireball ink!

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