Monday, March 30, 2009

Sailor "Smoke Green" LE

Today a wonderful Sailor Professional Gear arrived!

Behold the full-size Sailor & Bunzo Stationery 2009 "Smoke Green" LE - only twenty-five pens were produced.

This limited edition pen was accompanied by a bottle of Sailor green ink, specifically blended to match the colour of the pen. It's a beautiful deep green ink that looks perfect coming out of the EF nib.

Gorgeous, gorgeous GREEN!


  1. I know you are very particular about your nibs, so just wondering how the EF nib was on that Sailor?

    It's a beauty!

  2. The EF nib is near perfect. The ink flow is normal, but if I could make it perfect, I would love it to have the 'stingy' ink flow some of my other Sailor EF nibs have.

    The ink is a great green, very much like a darker and deeper version of Diamine Emerald.

    I keep thinking about how fresh it looks with the white trim. It's almost minty fresh! Also, the fact that the entire pen is perfectly transparent is a plus. While I like my Dandelion with contrasting black accents, no colour would have contrasted nicely with the Smoke Green, IMO.