Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pens for March

I have some nice pens in the rotation this month. There are the regulars, and then some which I feel I haven't used in ages.

Regular selections:

Lamy Lady, 0.4 Cursive Italic
Nakaya Piccolo, Elastic SEF
Nakaya Piccolo, EF
Pelikan M640, XXXF
Changing selections:

Aurora Optima Mini, XF Stub
Esterbrook J, 2550 EF
Montegrappa Micra, XXXF
Pilot Capless D├ęcimo, F
Sailor Smoke Green, EF


  1. excelent blog congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. What a lovely picture! (and pens)

  3. Laurel, Does the Olive Green Tamenuri finisih of your Nakaya Piccolo change to a different color after two years? It would be interesting to see how it ages through time.

  4. Hi Chen-li,

    My pen hasn't changed as much as I had hoped... then again, it does live a pretty pampered life between my hand and a pen case. It was also an experimental colour. I'm happy to give it another couple of years. ;)