Monday, March 22, 2010

Sailor Spring Inks

Two of the four new Sailor LE inks arrived in my mailbox today - Waka-Uguisu and Sakura Mori. You can see below how Waka-Uguisu compares to a couple of other yellow-green inks in my collection (click to enlarge):As you can see, Sakura Mori showed some interesting orange-pink colour separation when I brushed the samples out onto 160gsm CP watercolour paper. The ink does not show this much of a duo finish in a pen, but it is slightly noticeable. Dropping the ink onto a paper towel will instantly show this effect as the dyes absorb at different rates.

I have inked up my Sailor 'Snow White' LE with this ink, and I must say that they make a very pretty pair. :)

(I believe Uguisu translates to "olive green", and is often associated with the colour of the Japanese bush warbler or nightingale.)


  1. Great comparison! Do you have any idea of how the Uranari green compares to MB Racing green?

  2. Racing Green is much deeper and not so yellow... I'll post a better swatch with more inks soon. :)

  3. Sailor 'Snow White' with Sakura Mori sounds so feminine. Yum!