Friday, March 26, 2010

Rotring Technical Pens

Last week I picked up a nice set of 8 Rotring Isograph technical drawing pens on eBay. The last time I saw a set in an art store it was near $300, but happily I paid only a third of that.

Because I used to be a Cartographer, technical pens aren't new to me. I have dozens... my own from when I was in college, and also most of my mother's (she used to be a Geographical Draughtsperson). I also have a stash of Rotring tungsten carbide points in many sizes, right down to 0.13mm. I don't like to take my Rotring Rapidograph or Isograph pens to any of my art classes in case they get lost or damaged, but I have a sweet set of old Rotring Variant pens from the 60s or early 70s which are ideal to take along.

I'm looking forward to putting my new Isographs to use on some ATCs this weekend. :)

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  1. I enjoyed the background information you provide, Laura--didn't know you were a cartographer, following a similar line taken by your mother :)

    I love maps myself, and have always been taken by space, spatial relations, points and lines (there's a neat detective novel by that name by one of Japan's most celebrated mystery writers--Points and Lines) . . . .